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Lisa Becks


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As a Gainesville, FL local for the last 8 years and a local real estate investor in the Tampa, Orlando and Gainesville areas, I have first-hand knowledge of all Northern and Central Florida has to offer. Learning about my clients, their goals, their needs, their dreams as well as their fears allows me to be a better guide as they navigate through the various steps involved in buying or selling. Ultimately, I’m here to help my clients be successful with a simple plan and a clear path to achieve their goals. Providing that personal touch to help them find the right place or the right buyer for their place. If you are considering buying or selling your home and are looking for someone to guide you along the path to success, give me a call - I’d love to help! 330-671-0756  


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We enjoy creating positive atmospheres, warm environments, and working to foster a sense of peace and harmony in both the outcome and process of selling and buying real estate.

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